How We Serve

Service, Devotion and Excellence 

uses a custom framework, Strategic Insight Facilitation, inspired by the methods of Participatory Learning in Action and the Companioning strategy of the Virtues Project to inclusively glean insights from a community of stakeholders and 2) collaboratively plan a customized program of information gathering designed to serve their strategic priorities.  Wise design and actions requires the humility to avoid acting as an expert or authority.  Our aim is to act as humble companions devoted to helping our clients achieve a clearer picture of their efforts and use that information practically in service to collective power building through increased knowledge about, understanding of or improvement of their efforts. 

Our Principles of Practice

Devotion, Service & Excellence

Two Gems Consulting Services was founded based on a love for humanity and devotion to helping communities and organizations "transform selves and systems" by using data as a mirror to see themselves and their impact more clearly.  We applying the skills of investigating reality and evaluative thinking as an act of service dedicated to  you , starting with ourselves. We are committed to a mutual journey of learning and self-discovery in service of supporting communities and institutions as change-makers. 

We subscribe to the American Evaluation Association: Guiding Principles for Evaluators and operate in accordance with our own principles of excellence, prioritizing:

Who We Serve

Collaborative Solutions

Natonal Farm to School Network

Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore

Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health PRC

Center for Urban Families

American Friends Service Committee

WombWork Productions

American Evaluation Association