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View Liberatory Methodologies Webinar

View Team Illustrator Jadzia Floyd on her artistic process. 

Thanks to Anne Price for inviting me to chat about community building with her!

June 4, 2020:  A new article by Geri Peak is up at Linkedin examines putting  Liberation into SMART goals and objectives.


Two Gems Consulting Services designs custom information tools that suit the situation of unique communities of stakeholders.  We also adopt innovative practices that expand our conceptualization of data gathering and blur the lines between qualitative and quantitative approaches.  We acknowledge the power of unity in action--many of our custom approaches resonate with the unique work of our peers.  Our whole field is driven by service and meeting client needs.   


We cultivate listening practices that honor the wisdom clients and community bring. We  hone our powers of perception and discernment, to uncover patterns and connect information that  shed light on the situations and circumstances faced by our clients, whether direct data problems or nuances of power and privilege in practice. 

We suggest different possibilities that we see, avoiding prejudgment  or applying too narrow a focus.  We strive to translate what we learn so that clients can make informed choices.

We balance information with wise interpretations and we are not afraid to invoke our intuition.

Illumination through Information

Welcome to Two Gems Consulting Services.  Let us support your learning and information needs with customized, culturally responsive information services.  We are a diverse team of data experts founded by Dr. Geri Lynn Peak.  We work at the local, regional, national and international level serving clients working to improve, support or transform society through community-based interventions large and small.

Visit our pages and learn about our passion for helping clients like you generate insights that help them perform better, meet their targets and grow, guided by moderation and wisdom.