Virtues Project

Coaching & Training

Leveraging the Virtues Project 5 Strategies for Learning and Change

Wednesdays @ 1-2:30; May 6 through May 20

Join Dr. Geri Lynn Peak as she guides you to learn how to apply the five strategies of the virtues project to supercharge our intuitive and analytic capacities. This trio of sessions anchor you to help the organizations you serve, grow and transform so that they are better able to contribute their best to the just and equitable growth and transformation of society.

In three 90-minute live video conference sessions--supplemented by gentle pre-work, journaling, real world integration and practice assignments and planning--participants will learn how the five strategies can be applied to measurement, assessment, documentation and other organizational learning practices. Integration of the strategies will help participants improve deep listening and connection, set stronger collective expectations and walk through challenges with confidence. Resources will be made available to participants to help them sustain a practice of daily reflection and application that links spiritual attributes that help us amplify our perception and understanding so that we have the vision required to make tangible, practical change come alive.

A completion certificate will be offered which can be combined towards the full 2-day VP certification.

Spaces are limited.

Costs: $300 inclusive of materials. We recognize you may be impacted by seclusion orders and restrictions. Contact Geri to explore financial accommodations.


Your Guide: Geri Lynn Peak, DrPH, MPH; Certified Virtues Project (tm) Master Facilitator

Host Group: Mirror Group, LLC